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The Women’s Shoes Game

The Founder Of Lids Is Now In The Women’s Shoes Game

You may have heard of the popular store for purchasing your favorite hats known as “Lids”. The founder of that successful enterprise is now more involved with selling a different article of clothing. This time what he is pitching is women’s shoes online.

To be more specific his brand M Gemi started as just women’s shoes online but is now expanding to also have some physical brick and mortar stores as well. At least, the women’s shoes online brand is attempting to make its first brick and mortar store happen in Boston.

The funding for this project for the women’s shoes online company has gone well. It is not often that a up and growing company is so easily able to raise $16 million dollars, but people believe in the founder and his vision. They are hoping that his success with Lids will transfer over to success in this field as well.

Fischman is that founder and he has been working in the fashion industry for roughly the last 25 years. In fact he got his start in the Boston area and that is a primary reason why this first M Gemi store is coming to that area as well. The Ladies Shoes Brand House Direct store is hoping to attract those with money to buy the high end women’s shoes online that it sells.

He has stated that so many people are blaming the Internet for taking down traditional brick and mortar businesses. In reality though he believes this speaks more to the inflexibility of the people who founded those businesses back in the day to change to the reality of the new world around them. He believes if they would just be more willing to work under a new system of business that they could transition through this just fine. In fact, he likes to believe that women’s shoes online does not have to be an Internet only business. That is what this new store hopes to prove.

Fischman can be seen as a bit of a Mark Zuckerberg of fashion in that he also got his start in the industry early and from his dorm room. In this man’s case he happened to attend Boston University, but the similarities in their success remains true. He is a bit of a visionary when it comes to selling fashion products. He has conquered the women’s shoes online market and now wants to spread out even into the real world with his brick and mortar stores.

Some may want to suggest that there is no way that companies can make a comeback after the Internet has ravaged them so much in terms of selling, but that is just not the case. There can be success stories that come through which show that at least some companies can in fact make it through this and come out stronger as a result. They can in fact be the type of companies that sell to real people in the real world from real stores. That is what Fischman is going to show us once more.