How to Keep Your High Heels Safe and Secure

Every woman wants to have at least one pair of high heels. This shoe is a timeless classic that has been around for ages. Almost nothing makes a woman feel fancier than a nice pair of high heeled shoes. On the other hand, nearly nothing is worse than damaging a beloved heel. In this post, you will learn how a heel protector will keep your high heels looking great.

A heel protector is a device that comes in many different forms. One of the most common protectors for heeled shoes is the heel cap. The heel cap is a device that pops onto the bottom of a pair of high heeled shoes. These caps not only provide extra stability but guard against damaging a heel in mud or wet grass. Heel caps are widely available in many different colors to accent almost any shoe. BHD high heels protectors range from barely noticeable to more of an accent piece for the shoe.

Another form of heel protection is a heel strip. A heel strip is similar to a heel cap but sized differently. Whereas a heel cap provides protection for the heel, a strip covers the entire bottom of the shoe. This strip is going to be more noticeable. However, certain conditions will make the strip a better form of shoe protection. High heels can be dangerous when trying to walking around in muddy conditions. Placing a heel strip on your high heels will feel more like wearing a flat footed shoe.

The third of high heel protection is the heel guard. We’ve learned about cap and strip protection. A heel guard is different in that it protects the upper rear of a high heel. Having a heel guard is useful for protecting a shoe against splash back occurring. This guard is usually held in place by a strap going around the wearer’s foot.

The style of high heel protection you choose will mostly depend on weather conditions. Living in an area known for rain could mean purchasing heel strips. You won’t always need to protect your high heels. However, keeping a few of the previously mentioned devices handy could prove useful. After all, who wants to have to buy a replacement pair of high heels?

In closing, there are several great ways to protect high heels. A heel cap is used to cover up the actual heel. If you want additional protection against the elements, you may want a heel strip. A heel strip covers the entire bottom of your high heels. In turn, this provides increased stability and protection against damaging your shoes. A less common form of high heel protection is the heel guard. Choosing any of the previously mentioned protectors will help keep your high heels in perfect condition.