There Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Good Pair of Work Boots

For thousands of years, mankind has recognized the importance of a good pair of work boots. From the ancient Greeks to Asian nomads, and 18th-century British soldiers to cowboys of the American West, functional, and still fashionable, footwear while on the job has played a vital role in shaping our everyday lives.

Maybe your job is to trek up the hills of Uganda in search of mountain gorillas. You would need a good pair of waterproof, all-terrain, hiking boots for that. Or maybe your job is wading around in toxic, water ponds collecting samples as evidence in exposing a shady company’s improper disposal of hazardous waste. The work boots for that job are likely chest-high, waterproof, insulated, rubber, boot-foot waders. If you’re a steelworker or work in a chemical plant, you will likely opt for specialty, regulated, Work Boots From Brand House Direct to protect your feet from molten metal or exposure to various chemical spills.

Let’s try another example. We’ll give this one a name – Howard. Howard is a proud but simple man – A man’s man. In his spare time, he likes to go deer hunting. Howard also enjoys long, romantic walks on the beach with his special someone. What does this have to do with work boots? I’m glad you asked. Howard also spends most days on an oil rig. To tackle his job he needs proper foot protection from potential slips, severe weather and heavy objects being dropped on his feet. Any accident could result in a serious injury. Those long walks on the beach will seem less appealing on crutches, and he may likely scare away any deer by rolling up the trail in a squeaky wheelchair. Howard’s best option would likely be a pair of waterproof, slip-resistant, steel-toed, work boots designed for life on an oil rig. Let’s not forget those specially-designed, hunting boots he wears on weekend excursions. The beach may be the one spot where Howard can relax his bare feet in the sand.

Work boots not only serve to protect workers’ feet, but they also play a valuable role in shaping fashionable footwear and have throughout history. The American cowboy’s heeled boot was fashioned after the boots of Hessian soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War. For decades variations of the work boot have been seen gracing the feet of fashion models walking the runways at Fashion Week. Modern, work boot designs are often based on different cultures’ traditional patterns and materials. The Alaskan Inuit and Aleut tribes’ traditional caribou and sealskin winter boots often donned decorative patterns made from dog hair or seal intestine. Thankfully some materials are better left alone.

The work boots of today come in all shapes and sizes and display a wide range of functions and modern design. A number of companies design their footwear specifically around functionality and geared toward particular industries (such as construction, firefighting, professional sports, etc.). It just goes to show you, there ain’t nothin’ like a good pair of work boots.