Brand House Direct Online Fashion Parlour


Brand House Direct is clothing, foot wears and accessories Company located in Australia. The fashion line offers branded products for kids, men and women shoes and clothing and with more than 30 years of experience, Brand House Direct stands to be among the best online retail shops. Currently, they have more than 45 brands items with 5000 and more items from each brand for sale. Brand House Direct offers; safe and secure online shopping, excellent customer care services, quick shipping globally, genuine branded products, and assured the security of your products. Customer services being their number one priority, through their online portal recommendations and congratulations are always received with ease.

Being a worldwide service company, brand house direct offers to ship to all corners of the earth. Their items are shipped through Australia post with regular shipping around Australia costing thirteen dollars through the capped shipping or Australia parcel services. Once out of Australia, Brand House Direct products are delivered within 7-25 working days purely depending on the client’s location and a maximum period of 48 hours from time of arrival to allow one to pick their items. There is an online tracker fitted to all shipping products, and once products are dispatched, one gets an email notification and a unique tracking number.

With the adverse effects all online shopping comes with, for instance when one purchases a shoe and on delivery, one realizes that the shoe is a little bigger or smaller than their feet, Brand House Direct has a return policy. Factoring this out, the company offers its clients a chance to return purchased goods on condition that the item is original as it was during the dispatch time and within 30 days of acquisition. Through their online portal, a client willing to return an item is given return instruction. Once returned in one is in Australia, the company provides one-two option that exchanges the goods, that is you can get another product of the same price range as the previous or one can get their money refunded. If the client is outside Australia, they are also offered the two options that are the refund money or product exchange. The difference between the return policy for clients in Australia and those outside Australia is that the clients outside Australia will pay for shipping once more for the return order and the new order. Brand House Direct return policy applies to all good except the special promotion sale products that are returned due to factors like mind change, inappropriate size or style.

With the best customer services, unique, original and customized branded items, affordable prices and range of products, Brand House Direct is rated among the best fashion online shop in the globe.