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Men’s Shoes

Tips For Shopping For Mens Shoes Online
Mens shoes have evolved a lot over the years. As men have become more conscious of their appearance, and been allowed to do so without being made to feel subconscious for it, the kinds of mens shoes on the market has grown. The Internet created an international market for mens shoes as well, so that even someone living one country can easily have access to the styles of shoes in other countries. You can buy German shoes from a German store and have them delivered to a small town in America.

It’s hard to believe but there was a time when people doubted if mens shoes could be a marketable product online. After all, would people be willing to have shoes shipped to them without even being able to try them on? In the beginning, there were plenty of doubters out there. Today, there are billions of online shoppers who marvel at how anyone could have doubted a real online marketplace.

There are dozens of categories of mens shoes that hit the online world each year, all of them from international stores that provide access to anyone in the world to buy those mens shoes. You can shop by size, color, price, and many other variables until you find the perfect pair of shoes for you. Mens Shoes from Brand House Direct have become much easier to shop for online since the sizing charts and tools have increased.

Today you can measure your feet and get a customized size of shoe just for you if you desire, or you can buy the pre-sized pairs and almost always find a pair that fits you just right. Stores are very liberal about their mens shoes return policies, giving you the option to try them on when you get them and then send them back if they don’t fit.

In the old days, shipping charges were high on shoes, too. Most stores made you pay for your own shipping, seeing it as your responsibility to pay for shipping if you shopped online. Today’s stores have realized that to get more customers, they need to provide more generous perks for shopping online. You don’t pay for shipping if you go into a store to buy shoes, so why should you pay for online shipping on shoes? Most stores off free shipping if you order a minimum order amount. Some don’t even require that minimum order amount and just ship your shoes to you no matter what.

As online retailers have grown, shoes have become one of the hottest products online. You can order shoes and usually have them to you overnight or in a couple of days. Once you try them on, you can keep them or send them back. The best part of shopping for shoes online is that you have a much greater variety of shoes to choose from. You’re not stuck with a few dozen pairs in a store but can choose from shoes all over the world when you shop online.

Types of Work Boots

The Types Of Work Boots

There are many types of work boots available. However, they tend to fit into one of several broad categories:

Steel Toe Work Boots:

Steel toe boots have a tip that is encased in steel. This can protect your feet from falling objects. Therefore, they are required for some jobs. However, a downside of steel toe boots is that they tend to be quite heavy. Also, they can set off metal detectors.

Composite Toe Work Boots:

Composite toe boots are made from a combination of materials. Often times, they are made out of a combination of carbon fibers or plastics. Typically, the protection isn’t as good as steel toe boots, but they are much more lightweight.

Electrical Hazard Boots:

There are several types of electrical hazard boots:

  • Non-Conductive: These boots are made out of materials that are strong insulators.
  • Static Dissipating: These boots are made of materials that are designed to protect the body from electrical hazards and prevent static from building up.
  • Conductive: These boots are designed to allow electricity to pass through the boots and back into the ground rather than going into the body. These boots are designed to reduce the build up of static electricity.

Insulated Work Boots:

These boots are designed with low temperatures in mind, and they contain low bulk insulation. They also are designed to wick away moisture. This makes them perfect for working in harsh weather conditions.

Waterproof Boots:

Some work boots are designed to wick away moisture without the heavy insulation that is necessary for protection against low temperatures.

Heat Resistant Boots:

These boots have specialized rubber soles that can protect your feet from temperatures as high as 500 degrees.

Oil Resistant Boots:

These boots are designed to resist wear as result of being exposed to oily substances. They contain exceptionally durable glue lines, polyurethane soles, and leather uppers.

Slip Resistant Work Boots:

These boots are designed to improve traction on surfaces that are either uneven or slick. In order to do this, these work boots include special tread patterns and rubber soles that are especially soft. For more information on work boots https://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/mens-occupational

Puncture Resistant Boots:

These boots can prevent injuries from stepping on nails or broken glass. They contain specialized plate that lies between the sole of the boot and the insole.

Metatarsal Guard Work Boots:

These work boots can protect you from heavy objects falling on your foot. Unlike steel toe boots, they contain protection for the top of the foot. The plate can be on either the inside or the outside of the boot.

History of Mary Jane Shoes

A Detailed History of Mary Jane Shoes, How They Got Their Name, What Year They Were Made, and More

Mary Jane shoes are worn by little girls all over the world. Even if you aren’t familiar with matching the name “Mary Jane” with pairs of Mary Jane shoes, you’ve most likely seen this common type of footwear before. Mary Jane shoes look almost like low-profile slip-on shoes, except they’re intended for formal use in today’s era. The popular Mary Jane shoes also feature a small strap connected on the inside or outside of the shoe — only one side, not both — that secures itself to the other side around the ankle using a small buckle.

The name Mary Jane of BHD Mary Jane Shoes comes from the mind of famous comic strip creator Richard F. Outcault. Early in 1902, Outcault thought of a story about a Boy Scout spending most of his time attempting to relax his dog, all the while chasing after his long-sought-after beau.

Buster Brown was a weekly comic square featured in several New York state newspapers, including the highly-circulated New York Herald. The story was brought back to the drawing board for next week’s hilarious renditions, every week. Buster, his dog Tige, and his female friend Mary Jane. The comics were always received well by audiences, ranging from seasoned critics to brand-new adolescent readers. Good reviews were sent every week for over two years to the New York Herald and other newspapers Buster Brown was published in.

The consistently constant onslaught of good vibes regarding the future origin of Mary Jane shoes encouraged R. F. Outcault to consider the potential worth of his successful, chuckle-forcing comic strip. As the creator, the illustrator/writer was also an owner of the individual comic’s rights to fair use. He decided to sell the rights to over fifty businesses at the 1904 Saint Louis-held World’s Fair.

While Outcault maintained ownership over the comic itself, still being the only person who could pen the Buster Brown series of comics. However, all the businesses who purchased the rights were allowed to advertise with the likeness of the series in favor of their own brands — one of which was a footwear manufacturer, distributor, and designer named Brown Shoe Company.

Staying true with the comic’s traditional comedic themes, Brown Shoe Company sent human dwarfs — or little people; or people who were vertically challenged; or midgets — along with pit bull terriers like the publication’s dog Tige around the United States to promote their brand and its products. The Brown-commissioned little people were professionals at acting and in dramas. They were paid to study the Buster Brown line of comics and acted out the parts of Buster himself with dogs, playing the fictional Tige, in tow.

These promotions helped Brown Shoe Company beat out the other companies who purchased the comic’s rights, becoming known as the business associated with Mary Jane shoes and the comic she came from.

Mary Jane shoes were initially worn by men and women of all ages. In the 1920s, preference largely resided in adult women. By the 1930s’ end, men had all but abandoned them, leaving grown and child females left to wear them acceptably according to fashion. Adults totally left the footwear behind after the midpoint of the 20th century, although female kids still wear them to important, formal events, functions, and get-togethers to this very day.

Good Pair of Work Boots

There Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Good Pair of Work Boots

For thousands of years, mankind has recognized the importance of a good pair of work boots. From the ancient Greeks to Asian nomads, and 18th-century British soldiers to cowboys of the American West, functional, and still fashionable, footwear while on the job has played a vital role in shaping our everyday lives.

Maybe your job is to trek up the hills of Uganda in search of mountain gorillas. You would need a good pair of waterproof, all-terrain, hiking boots for that. Or maybe your job is wading around in toxic, water ponds collecting samples as evidence in exposing a shady company’s improper disposal of hazardous waste. The work boots for that job are likely chest-high, waterproof, insulated, rubber, boot-foot waders. If you’re a steelworker or work in a chemical plant, you will likely opt for specialty, regulated, Work Boots From Brand House Direct to protect your feet from molten metal or exposure to various chemical spills.

Let’s try another example. We’ll give this one a name – Howard. Howard is a proud but simple man – A man’s man. In his spare time, he likes to go deer hunting. Howard also enjoys long, romantic walks on the beach with his special someone. What does this have to do with work boots? I’m glad you asked. Howard also spends most days on an oil rig. To tackle his job he needs proper foot protection from potential slips, severe weather and heavy objects being dropped on his feet. Any accident could result in a serious injury. Those long walks on the beach will seem less appealing on crutches, and he may likely scare away any deer by rolling up the trail in a squeaky wheelchair. Howard’s best option would likely be a pair of waterproof, slip-resistant, steel-toed, work boots designed for life on an oil rig. Let’s not forget those specially-designed, hunting boots he wears on weekend excursions. The beach may be the one spot where Howard can relax his bare feet in the sand.

Work boots not only serve to protect workers’ feet, but they also play a valuable role in shaping fashionable footwear and have throughout history. The American cowboy’s heeled boot was fashioned after the boots of Hessian soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War. For decades variations of the work boot have been seen gracing the feet of fashion models walking the runways at Fashion Week. Modern, work boot designs are often based on different cultures’ traditional patterns and materials. The Alaskan Inuit and Aleut tribes’ traditional caribou and sealskin winter boots often donned decorative patterns made from dog hair or seal intestine. Thankfully some materials are better left alone.

The work boots of today come in all shapes and sizes and display a wide range of functions and modern design. A number of companies design their footwear specifically around functionality and geared toward particular industries (such as construction, firefighting, professional sports, etc.). It just goes to show you, there ain’t nothin’ like a good pair of work boots.

High Heels Safe and Secure

How to Keep Your High Heels Safe and Secure

Every woman wants to have at least one pair of high heels. This shoe is a timeless classic that has been around for ages. Almost nothing makes a woman feel fancier than a nice pair of high heeled shoes. On the other hand, nearly nothing is worse than damaging a beloved heel. In this post, you will learn how a heel protector will keep your high heels looking great.

A heel protector is a device that comes in many different forms. One of the most common protectors for heeled shoes is the heel cap. The heel cap is a device that pops onto the bottom of a pair of high heeled shoes. These caps not only provide extra stability but guard against damaging a heel in mud or wet grass. Heel caps are widely available in many different colors to accent almost any shoe. BHD high heels protectors range from barely noticeable to more of an accent piece for the shoe.

Another form of heel protection is a heel strip. A heel strip is similar to a heel cap but sized differently. Whereas a heel cap provides protection for the heel, a strip covers the entire bottom of the shoe. This strip is going to be more noticeable. However, certain conditions will make the strip a better form of shoe protection. High heels can be dangerous when trying to walking around in muddy conditions. Placing a heel strip on your high heels will feel more like wearing a flat footed shoe.

The third of high heel protection is the heel guard. We’ve learned about cap and strip protection. A heel guard is different in that it protects the upper rear of a high heel. Having a heel guard is useful for protecting a shoe against splash back occurring. This guard is usually held in place by a strap going around the wearer’s foot.

The style of high heel protection you choose will mostly depend on weather conditions. Living in an area known for rain could mean purchasing heel strips. You won’t always need to protect your high heels. However, keeping a few of the previously mentioned devices handy could prove useful. After all, who wants to have to buy a replacement pair of high heels?

In closing, there are several great ways to protect high heels. A heel cap is used to cover up the actual heel. If you want additional protection against the elements, you may want a heel strip. A heel strip covers the entire bottom of your high heels. In turn, this provides increased stability and protection against damaging your shoes. A less common form of high heel protection is the heel guard. Choosing any of the previously mentioned protectors will help keep your high heels in perfect condition.

The Women’s Shoes Game

The Founder Of Lids Is Now In The Women’s Shoes Game

You may have heard of the popular store for purchasing your favorite hats known as “Lids”. The founder of that successful enterprise is now more involved with selling a different article of clothing. This time what he is pitching is women’s shoes online.

To be more specific his brand M Gemi started as just women’s shoes online but is now expanding to also have some physical brick and mortar stores as well. At least, the women’s shoes online brand is attempting to make its first brick and mortar store happen in Boston.

The funding for this project for the women’s shoes online company has gone well. It is not often that a up and growing company is so easily able to raise $16 million dollars, but people believe in the founder and his vision. They are hoping that his success with Lids will transfer over to success in this field as well.

Fischman is that founder and he has been working in the fashion industry for roughly the last 25 years. In fact he got his start in the Boston area and that is a primary reason why this first M Gemi store is coming to that area as well. The Ladies Shoes Brand House Direct store is hoping to attract those with money to buy the high end women’s shoes online that it sells.

He has stated that so many people are blaming the Internet for taking down traditional brick and mortar businesses. In reality though he believes this speaks more to the inflexibility of the people who founded those businesses back in the day to change to the reality of the new world around them. He believes if they would just be more willing to work under a new system of business that they could transition through this just fine. In fact, he likes to believe that women’s shoes online does not have to be an Internet only business. That is what this new store hopes to prove.

Fischman can be seen as a bit of a Mark Zuckerberg of fashion in that he also got his start in the industry early and from his dorm room. In this man’s case he happened to attend Boston University, but the similarities in their success remains true. He is a bit of a visionary when it comes to selling fashion products. He has conquered the women’s shoes online market and now wants to spread out even into the real world with his brick and mortar stores.

Some may want to suggest that there is no way that companies can make a comeback after the Internet has ravaged them so much in terms of selling, but that is just not the case. There can be success stories that come through which show that at least some companies can in fact make it through this and come out stronger as a result. They can in fact be the type of companies that sell to real people in the real world from real stores. That is what Fischman is going to show us once more.