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TangoFest 2010: 27 March - 4 April 2010

Tango Salon excellence in Australia

2008 World Tango Salon Champions, Daniel Naccuchio and Christina Sosa,electrified the audience at the inaugural Tango In The Vineyards in Mudgee.

Lilian's Corner

A very big thank you and a tango hug to all those who supported the 6th Australian International Tango Festival – TangoFest 2010. 

Once again, we have closed the doors of this annual event to allow us to start planning next year's TangoFest.  The launching of Tango In The Vineyards in Mudgee was so successful that we are going back next year with a bigger and more exciting program of events.  The tremendous support given by the friendly people of Mudgee, particularly, the Mudgee Department of Tourism and Prince Hill Wines and the surrounding towns, was a very big inspiration for us to share the enjoyment that we all get in our dancing.

I was very humbled by the kind words of the Argentine Ambassador in Australia with his comments that we have presented a very professional and beautiful show that has been enjoyed by everyone.  We will continue to promote Argentine Tango as we embrace the beautiful culture of Argentina and the friendliness of the guest teachers who have joined us in all our previous Festivals.

I hope you will join us again next year for another enjoyable TangoFest.

Until next year, happy dancing!


TangoFest photos online

The Milonga pictures are available for viewing online. Click here to view.




Daniel and Cristina

Laila and Leandro

Belen and Diego


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